Learning Together 2019

AHE Learning Together Conference

Friday 6 September 6 – 9 pm
Saturday 7 September 9 am – 5 pm
Te Puke O Tara Community Centre,
20 Newbury St, Otara, South Auckland

Hear a personal message from Julie Bogart HERE!

This will be Julie’s first trip to Aotearoa New Zealand –  and a fantastic opportunity for us to hear from this experienced and vibrant home-educator and writing teacher!

She has so much passion, understanding, empathy and expertise to share with us. It’s an absolute thrill to have Julie Bogart come and korero with us.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to hear one of America’s great home-school speakers!

The A.H.E. Learning Together Conference will combine home-grown kiwi workshops with main sessions from Julie Bogart. There’s so much to choose from – you’ll have to get a baby-sitter and bring your spouse too! Find out more about Julie Bogart’s talks here and scroll down for programme and workshop details.


5.00 pm  Registrations open
6.00 pm  Session 1 with Julie Bogart – The Four Capacities of Learning: How to Become a Brave Learner
7.15 pm  Supper
7.45 pm  Session 2 with Julie Bogart – The Secret to Breakthroughs in Writing: The Writing Triangle
9.00 pm  Finish

8.00 am    Registrations open
9.00 am    Session 3 with Julie Bogart – The Most Important Person in Your Home-school is You!
10.30 am  Morning tea and Vendors
11.00 am  Workshops 1
12.00 pm  Workshops 2
1.00 pm    Lunch and Vendors
2.00 pm    Session 4 with Julie Bogart – Partnership Writing
3.00 pm    Workshop 3
4.00 pm    Afternoon Tea
4.30 pm    Session 5 with Julie Bogart – Awesome Adulting
5.30 pm    Finish


Here is an outline of the workshops. All workshops are an hour long.
For in-depth descriptions, scroll down. For speaker descriptions, click here.

11 am
Simple Science
Sophia Sharpe
Lessons in Juggling
Sam & Ruth Harrowfield
Looking at Paintings
Stephanie Walmsley
Don’t Let High School Writing Scare You
Julie Bogart
12 pm
Adrienne Wood
The Best of Teens
Stephanie Walmsley with Celia Harding
Strengths-Based Learning
Marian Lane
Home-schooling from the Other Side
Panel of home-school graduates
3.00 pm
Don’t Let High School Science Scare You
Nathalie Thomas
Home-schooling, a Dads’ Perspective
Adrian Koit and a panel of dads.
Let It Go
Heidi Schmidt
End of the Road
Penelope Dawson


Supper/Morning Tea/Afternoon Tea will be provided. We can accommodate some dietary requirements (GF and vegetarian).

Please bring your own lunch, or purchase it from one of the many outlets in the Otara shopping area located next to the conference venue.

DOOR SALES – we do not have EFTPOS so please bring along cash or use internet banking: AHE a/c 12-3011-0543821-00 (ref: your name + conference).
Full conference:

AHE member
Per person $80 $100
Couple $140 $180

Part-day Prices:
Friday night $30 / $45 (non-member)
Saturday morning $30 / $45 (non-member)
Saturday afternoon $30 / $45 (non-member)


Special Assistance
If you are a solo-parent please contact us to get a discounted rate (50% off – or more if you really can’t manage it!) We also have a discounted rate for those who cannot manage the regular price. If this is you, or you know someone in this situation, please contact us!  Email our conference team at conference@ahe.org.nz.

Parking on Friday night is straight-forward. Park outside the venue in the large car-park (where Otara Flea Market is marked on map).
However on Saturday the Otara flea-market will be on in the car-park. We have secured parking at St Paul’s Methodist Church, 2-8 Otara Rd. SATURDAY ONLY.
Print out the pass also (see below – or write your own similar).

This a conference for parents – not children (odd, we know, but it’s one of the few chances you get to be child-free)! Please make other arrangements for your children as we are unfortunately unable to provide child-care. Breast/bottle-fed babies are welcome, though we would ask that you are sensitive to others if your baby is getting too noisy.


WORKSHOP 1        11 am

How to do home-school science when you’re clueless and exhausted
Sophia Sharpe
Do you grip your strong coffee, announce your Pinterest science experiment, expend all that energy preparing, force your kids to do it…only to have it fail? Do you wonder how you’ll prepare your child for high-school chemistry? Welcome, this is the right workshop for you. Sophia will relate how she went from ‘artsy mum’ to ‘science mum’, and how you can be empowered to ‘do science’ with your kids, in just a few easy steps. Aimed at primary-intermediate level.

Creating a team approach to home education and earning a living
Sam & Ruth Harrowfield
Are you juggling work and home-schooling? Are you sharing home-education responsibilities with someone else? Or are you interested in how to make this option work? Sam and Ruth, both working parents, have been sharing the home education of their four children for the last four years. They will share their experiences and what they have learned; offering insights and practical tips for parents who are on this path, or thinking about it.

How to Really Enjoy Art Appreciation
Stephanie Walmsley
In this session Stephanie will unpack how Charlotte Mason taught art appreciation to children – she will help you to consider the why, how, and what of teaching art appreciation to your children. You will discover how simple it is to include it in your day, and how it enriches homeschooling and family life.  You will look at some beautiful paintings yourself.

An approach to writing with teens
Julie Bogart
If you could have dinner with Julie, she could teach you the essay format on the back of a napkin! What’s missing in most writing programs for high school is teaching insight generation. This session will focus on how to grow your teen’s rhetorical imagination so that your student has something of worth to put in all those essays. Julie will share tools and strategies for expanding your teen’s world through research, risky thinking, and writing. She’ll also touch on the unique and delicate dynamics of parenting teens while teaching them at the same time.

WORKSHOP 2      12 pm

Finding a path through your child’s fears
Adrienne Wood
Anxiety is at epidemic levels at present, affecting children of all ages. Anxiety can take many forms including obsessions, compulsions, phobias and panic. These can be tricky to navigate as a parent. This workshop will help us understand the root causes of anxiety and how we can deal with it through gentle and connected parenting. Adrienne will use a case study from a home-school family to form the basis of the workshop.

Enjoying life with your teenager
Stephanie Walmsley with Celia Harding
This is a session exclusively for parents of teenagers. Living with teenagers can be good, and it can be hard work. Teenagers can be fun, exciting, scary, demanding, secretive, and wonderful. Let’s talk about how to get the best out of these years with your young adult, how to minimise conflict and maximise relationship. Celia was once the teenage daughter being home-schooled, and Stephanie the mother – so they’ll bring a unique perspective on this season in life. They won’t be discussing curriculum and exams in this session.

Finding the superpower in your child
Marian Lane
Your child’s talents have a significant impact on their learning and development. Are you able to spot them? That one child driving you mad — do you ever have difficulty identifying their strengths? How do you work with the differences, not against them? Does it matter? Just as the Incredible Hulk would not succeed in being Spiderman, and nor could the Black Widow be Wonder Woman, so your child’s superpower is unique to them. Each super power has its own strength, which makes for incredible teams.

This workshop is about why your child’s talents and superpowers are so important and how you can be on the lookout for them, in order to identify them and help them to mature.

A panel of graduate home-schoolers share their side of the story
What is it like to be home-schooled? Do home-schoolers turn out okay? How do they cope in the ‘real world’? What do these ex-home-schooled kids say about their experience? What do they wish their parents had done…and hadn’t done? Hear it from the horse’s mouth – what home-schooling did, and didn’t do, for our panel of graduates.

WORKSHOP 3        3 pm

Facilitating your teen’s science learning
Nathalie Thomas
Worried about how to cover science during the high school years? This workshop will outline what is covered in science in schools and how you can incorporate this into your homeschooling programme. The emphasis will be on making it far more fun and exciting than just following a dry text book!

A panel of blokes share their stories
facilitated by Adrian Koit
Curious about experiences of homeschooling from other dads? How do other dads contribute, cope – and comfort their exasperated wife/partner? Hear about the challenges faced by dads in balancing their different roles and responsibilities. Our panel of dads will encourage you with tips, advice and ideas that have helped. An interactive workshop with a panel of fathers at different stages in their home-school journey.

The mess never bothered me anyway
Heidi Schmidt
Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?
I can keep the house clean or the children educated, but I can’t do both at once. The maths and spelling got done, but dinner is after 7 pm, again. We’re on top of the laundry but just can’t seem to get out the door on time.Last week we got everywhere on time – but this week we are late to everything!
If this sounds familiar, join Heidi and other mums to discuss the issues we ALL face. There aren’t any miracle solutions, but there are things we can do to lower our stress levels, and keep going with a smile.

Transitioning OUT of home-schooling
Penelope Dawson
So you’ve invested years and years into your kids and now they’re done and dusted. You’re left alone in the road, wondering what it was all about, and what you’ll do now. This season can be a very challenging personal time for us mums who have given some of our best years to our kids. What next, and how do you manage that sometimes rocky transition? Penelope has been there, done that and offers encouragement, hope and some ways to prepare for that inevitable season after home-schooling.

A number of vendors selling home-school curriculum and resources will be attending the conference. Come along prepared to spend your home-school allowance (if you haven’t already)!
Payment: some vendors will have eftpos, others won’t!


Julie Bogart is speaking at the AHE Learning Together Conference as part of her tour of the North Island.  She will also be speaking at Whangarei, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay and Palmerston North.  Special thanks to The Firelight Foundation through whom Julie’s visit has been made possible.


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