Julie Bogart’s Auckland talks

SESSION 1 (Friday 6 pm)
The Four Capacities of Learning: How to Become a Brave Learner
Kids boldly tackle anything they want to learn.  Yet parents worry: are my children learning all they should?  Home educators say: “I just want my children to love learning.”  But how can we get that passion for learning into the subjects kids need for high school, college, and career? Find out how Curiosity, Collaboration, Contemplation, and Celebration will bring joy and progress into your homeschool! Julie invites you to be a brave learner, yourself, attending to the details we often overlook—the cosiness of our homes, the well-researched principles of natural learning, and the tenderness of our intimate relationships.  Discover the properties of brave learning and unleash a torrent of academic growth.

SESSION 2 (Friday 8 pm)
The Secret to Breakthroughs in Writing: The Writing Triangle
In this session, Julie will explore the three dimensions of writing (Original Thought, Mechanics and Literature, and Writing Projects). She’ll help you understand your role in facilitating your child’s confidence and competence in written self-expression. You’ll walk away from this seminar knowing exactly what to do to change the dynamic around writing in your family…for good. By the end of the session, you’ll have an 8-week writing plan to use right away—no purchase necessary! Julie will also show you how the Brave Writer programme takes your kids from oral story-telling all the way to university level academic writing.

SESSION 3 (Saturday 9 am)
The Most Important Person in Your Home-school is You!
Are you tired of your kids not cooperating with your clear vision of how your homeschool should function? Does one child get under your skin repeatedly? Do you feel batted about by so many different educational theories, you can’t see straight? Every homeschool parent faces a day of utter inadequacy—the feeling that he or she is not right for the job. In this workshop, discover how to drop the anxiety about failing, and how to harness your bright, bold energy to bring your best self to the educational task. How you feel in your homeschool has everything to do with how well you understand the job! That’s what this session is all about.

SESSION 4 (Saturday 2 pm)
Partnership Writing: Becoming Your Child’s Effective Coach and Ally in the Writing Process
The key to a successful homeschool writing experience is to join your child as their partner and ally. Find out how to be that trusted partner to your child while providing maximum opportunity for your child to grow into an independent writer.

SESSION 5 (Saturday 4 pm)
Awesome Adulting: How Your Learning Journey Fuels Your Homeschool
We expect our kids to be learners and tap our feet waiting for a passion to ignite. Yet what if the opposite is true? What if you discover that your interests and pursuits are the pathway to a vibrant, engaged homeschool for your kids? Children have you as their role model of what adulthood can be. Does your life paint a portrait of aliveness, exploration, and opportunity? Or is it weary with responsibility? The good news is that you can bring new energy to your family life simply by paying better attention to your own interests and skills. You are awesome already. Time to live up to who you are in the presence of your children, who are eager to root you on. Watch your homeschool become a family adventure of learning.

Julie Bogart is also taking a workshop on writing with high-schoolers (Workshop 1, 11 am).

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