Learning Together 2017 Audio

In 2017 we celebrated 20 years of Auckland Home Educators’ Inc. We invited founding member Kate Jaunay and current Director Siobhan Porter to each give an address at the AHE Learning Together Conference 2017.  These are included below, plus talks from some of the workshops.

Listen to Audio Recordings from the

2017 Learning Together Conference:

Please note, not all workshops were recorded. The quality of the recordings vary (due to human error, fire alarms…). These are audio recordings only. The views shared are personal and not necessarily representative of AHE.

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Main Address #1
Once upon a time… – Kate Jaunay

Kate’s humour and energy comes through this talk, as she weaves a little of Auckland’s home-educating history with her own experiences of ‘home-grown education’. A fantastic talk that will help you relax, be confident and assured that you can do a great job home-educating your children.

Main Address #2
Creating a Community for Yourself and Your Children – Siobhan Porter

Relationship is the beginning (and end) of home-schooling. Being intentional about relationships both within and without of the home is a challenge in today’s busy-busy-technology-driven society. Siobhan talks about ways to simplify, and reach out to others, so our kids can grow and learn wonderfully well at home.

Panel Discussion

Dads Discuss Home-Education!

A panel of five fathers respond to questions provided by attendees. A humorous and insightful discussion. Chaired by Lew Meyer.


Online Learning – Rhys Lewis and Valerie Robb

The world wide web has opened up educational opportunities for ourselves and for our children on an unprecendented scale. How do we decide what to engage in or not? This workshop covers some guiding principles to consider when choosing online learning options for our children. The presenters then describe a wide range of online learning that they have experience with, ranging from general providers who offer multiple courses to specific offerings in maths, art, writing, science and technology.

Learning on the Road – Rachael Ayres

Enjoying hearing how Rachael and hubby Rob travelled overland from Singapore to Istanbul – they took 15 months and eight kids from toddlers to teens. This workshop is not about theme parks, resorts or hotels with star ratings, but budget adventures and great learning experiences… including how one son learnt to read in Mongolia – without any books.

Terrific Teens – Rosie Boom

The years when our children change from boy to man, girl to woman, are both exciting and challenging times. As parents we wonder if we’re doing enough to prepare them for adulthood – teach them life skills; navigate relationship turmoils; ensure they succeed with their studies; find the right career; make their bed… Rosie offers tips on how we can do all these things, stay connected and enjoy our teens.

Finishing Well (Secondary Options) – Natalie Donaldson

Considering home educating during high school?  There are a myriad of options for home-schoolers in the secondary years and it can be daunting to work out which to follow and how they work. Natalie talks about the New Zealand Qualifications Framework and how you can use it for both exam and non-exam success.

Stay Sane Home Management

This workshop presents four simple principles to managing time, stuff, food and money – and teaching your kids to do the same. Pick up some new strategies and share your own. Be encouraged – you can find ways to make your home manageable.

Mastering Maths – Erin Parkinson

This workshop is unavailable at present but will be available shortly.

Te Tiriti O Waitangi

There is no recording for this workshop, but these are recommended resources:

Treaty Resource Centre (www.trc.org.nz)
-they do very informative Treaty workshops, though targeted at adults
Te Wānanga o Aotearoa (www.twoa.ac.nz)
-offer courses in Te Reo and other Māori topics
-family friendly learning institute

-will immerse you in things and people Māori

Tamsin Hanly’s Resource for Parents/Teachers:
A critical guide to Māori and Pākehā histories of Aotearoa
-Jenny Rankin’s decolonisation graphic