History Fair

This is the 14th year that the AHE Regional History Fair has been running, bringing young people together to share their learning in a supportive and fun environment.

Wednesday 3 July 2019
Mt Albert War Memorial Hall
Wairere Ave and New North Rd.


Registrations for 2019 have now closed.

Timetable for the day
Set up time:      9.30 – 10.00 am
Judging starts   10.00 am
Public viewing: 11.00 am onwards
Prize-giving:     12.30 pm (approximately)

Doing a History Fair project is a journey of research and discovery! We will be excited on 3 July to see your project – and find out what you discovered and how you gained your knowledge. We’d love to know what important ideas or issues you uncovered along the way.

2019 Categories:

A.  Do a History Fair Project
You can choose to do a:

  • General topic – choose an issue, event, person or idea from the past (eg siege warfare; Nelson Mandela; Indian Independence; or food in Ancient Greece….)
  • New Zealand topic – choose an issue, event, person or idea from New Zealand’s history (eg The Battle of Gate Pa; Kate Sheppard; Maori food, Auckland’s volcanoes…)
  • Family history topic – choose a person from your family to research and investigate (eg Great Uncle Frank in World War 2, My Great-grandmother, My family’s farming days in Piopio).

B. Do a Social History Story (Special category for 2019)
Research a story in your family to write up in your own words. Interview someone in your family from a previous generation. The story must be based on a ‘lived experience from the past’ that is connected with your family. It may be a story experienced by the person you interview, or it may be a story that has been passed down the generations. Elements such as conversation and imagery may be embellished to give the story depth and character.

Your story must be between 200-600 words.
Stories will be required to be scanned and emailed prior (by Fri 28 June), as they will be judged before the History Fair day.


  • Parents are encouraged to help and support children in their work, but the words and work must be the child’s own.
  • All projects must use a variety of sources where possible – even for Family History projects. Don’t just use one book or one website or one person.
  • No copying paragraphs/sentences from sources – unless it is a quote (quotes and sources must be referenced properly).

Any queries, contact Laura at history@ahe.org.nz.

Further details:
$8 per child (maximum $24 per family) for AHE members
$15 per child non-member

What is a History Fair?

Not dissimilar to a Science Fair, a History Fair is a chance for children to showcase their research, knowledge and discoveries – about HISTORY.

The AHE Regional History Fair was initiated by Katie Richards in 2006.  She had a vision for children to dig deeper into history, and share their discoveries with the wider community.  Since 2008, the History Fair has been underwritten, organised and promoted as an annual event by Auckland Home Educators Inc. We are grateful to Katie Richards for kick-starting a great event.

Who can enter?

Any school-aged child may enter.  For younger children, it’s all about participation and ‘having a go’.  Older students are encouraged to choose historically significant topics that inform, challenge and stimulate. Whatever your age or ability, doing a History Fair project is a great learning process and very rewarding.

You may also do a project as family or with a sibling/friend.

What topic should I choose?

Anything before now is history – so almost anything is possible.  But it’s best to choose a topic that…

  • Is ‘researchable’ – i.e. a topic that has a good number of sources (e.g. books, websites, documentaries, people you can talk to, or a museum you can visit).
  • You’re interested in!

You may also want to consider choosing a topic that

  • You have a personal link with
  • You know DON’T know much about – this makes the research more meaningful
  • You can have fun with

Are the students judged?

Yes, we have a team of judges who go over the projects with each child and discuss their topic with them.  Judges assess the projects based on

  • content
  • oral discussion
  • presentation
  • sources

Judges give feedback to each child.  The aim is to encourage children, highlight the strengths of their project, and give them positive feedback where possible. More detailed information on how the projects are assessed is made available on registration.

Each child receives a Participation Certificate. Prizes are given to the winner of each age-group categories, and other categories.

What benefit does my child receive from doing a project?

That’s a great question… glad you asked it!  Here’s what home-schooled kids have said…

  • It’s a great challenge.
  • You might get a prize.
  • It gets you thinking in-depth about a topic.
  • You get to show off all your hard work to others.
  • You get to investigate something YOU’RE interested in.
  • You get good feedback from the judges about your project.
  • You feel a whole lot of satisfaction (even if you don’t get a prize).
  • It forces you talk about your topic and explain it – in an encouraging environment.
  • You get to show the community what great stuff home-schoolers can do. Yeah.
  • It’s so much fun going along, meeting others and seeing what everyone else has done!

And from the parents’ perspective, it’s great to watch a child work through the research, thinking, writing and presentation process.



Any queries, please email events@ahe.org.nz.

Please note, as with all AHE events, parents are responsible for the care of their children.

Here’s another great reason to join the AHE History Fair –

History is everything before now.  Without history we wouldn’t be here today.  It’s worth finding out about.